{Carrie and David ~ Engagement Session}

Carrie has always wanted a fall wedding but when you fall in love with a farmer (just like your parents did!), there’s no time for a fall wedding!!  So a fall engagement session is the perfect alternative!!

I met up with Carrie and David at her parents store on their farm on the perfect fall day last week.  Carrie had a beautiful vision of what she wanted to include in their session – from the sunflowers to the cotton fields to the pumpkin patch where David proposed.  She even arranged to have the most perfect green John Deere tractor front and center!!  (David has been promised a tractor at the wedding in April!!  I’m excited already!!)   And even more impressive, she managed to get David out of the field for a couple of hours!  As the sun was starting to set, he lovingly told Carrie “You know I love you because I stopped picking cotton to come take pictures.”  THAT’S true farmer love, folks!!

I’ve known Carrie for many many years and believe me when I tell you that she is as sweet as her Southern accent!  I don’t think this girl has a mean bone in her body and she always greets everyone with a smile and a “HEY!”  And if there was ever anyone made for Carrie, it’s David.  These two are just the kindest and sweetest folks.  You can tell by their smiles and the way they look at one another just how genuine and sweet they are.  So much happiness!!  I love it!!!!

I’m so incredibly happy for you guys and I can’t wait to celebrate with you in April!!!!

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