{Happy Birthday, Corin!}


To be present when a sweet little baby enters the world is one of the most incredible, awe inspiring experiences I’ve ever had.  There’s nothing like the moment when mom says it’s time, the excitement of the family around her, the encouraging words, the whispered prayers, the tears of joy, all culminating in one incredible moment with the shouts of “She’s here!”

This was my second opportunity to photograph this precious moment – same family, same doctor, same room, different baby!!!  Almost three years ago, I was with Laura and Jason when baby Connor entered the world so it was such an honor and a blessing to welcome his new baby sister Corin when she made her big debut.  Birth photography is not something I would normally do, but I think it’s so incredibly important to have these moments documented.  Sometimes they go SO FAST (I’m looking at you, Laura!!) that you miss them entirely!!  Jason is such an awesome daddy, and in the delivery room he brings his A Game.  He never leaves Laura’s side and once the contractions start, he’s right there talking to her and holding her hand – something he could never do if he had to hold the camera too!!

We’ve been waiting on Baby Corin for a few weeks and I was sure that she wasn’t going to make it until today!!  But once she got a little encouragement, let’s say, she was ready to meet the world!!  She came out with LOTS to say about the whole thing right away.  Those first cries took everyone’s breath away.  It’s the most beautiful sound!!

I know she is going to be so well taken care of with a big sister and two big brothers at home!!  Everyone’s hearts are over flowing with love for this precious little girl.  Welcome to the world, Corin!!  I can’t wait to see what big things you’re going to do for God as you grow!!!

Laura and Jason, I’m so thankful for our friendship and that our families get to grow together.  Thank you for letting me share in your joy.  You are rockstar parents and so incredibly blessed!!!  I love you guys!!



Dr. Lee “almost” made me want to go for #4 when she delivered Connor.  Almost.  But she’s so SO awesome in the delivery room!!!  Calm, cool, and collected, so funny, and incredibly JOYFUL  when she delivers a baby.


4 thoughts on “{Happy Birthday, Corin!}

  1. Amanda says:

    Beautiful pictures and story of Corin’s birth!! I can feel the excitement and love! Congrats to the Z family!! Total baby fever over here!! ❤️

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