{The Caudle Family}


Amy and I met a couple of years ago when Graham and my Paxton were in preschool together.  It’s funny when I look back at all the years I’ve spent there and all the great gifts of friendship that place has brought into my life.  Sure, preschool’s got it’s fair share of crazy moms (takes one to know one…) but I believe God puts some real gems in there at just the right moment and lays the foundation for truly beautiful friendships.  Never underestimate the power of a true mommy friend!!  They are the ones who get what you’re going through, are honest even when it’s hard, laugh with you (or at you… whatever…) when things are great, and cry with you when things suck.  I’m so happy I can count Amy as one of my special Mommy Friends.  She has such a big heart.  She’s just the right mix of tough when she needs to be with a sweet soft spirit too.

I had a great time hanging out with these guys last week at Fort Monroe but WHOA BOY was it chilly!!!  You can’t tell because these guys rocked it.  Graham was such a trooper and brought the best giggles.  I’m totally stealing his silly word for future sessions!  You can thank Graham for “shark farts” when your kids are cracking up!!  Justin and Amy, you guys should be super proud.  You’re raising such a great boy and he’s got two awesome people right there to look up to.

You guys make my heart so happy and I’m so blessed to call you my friends.  I wish you NOTHING but the best on the next chapter of your adventure!!  See you later, friends!!!  Big hugs and safe travels!!  We will miss you so much and I look forward to seeing you again!!!





Back in November, I also had the immense honor of being there as Justin was promoted to Lieutenant Commander.  Congratulations, Justin!!!  Thank you for your service!!


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