{The Parkerson Family | Lancaster Farms}


It was cold and rainy outside, but we were warm and dry inside the GREENHOUSE (!!!) at Lancaster Farm last weekend!  How fun is that!?  Great light, awesome lines, and super fun textures and colors from the plants!  I had an awesome time hanging out with the Parkersons and capturing some fun times around the farm with this fun loving family.

Jeannie and I met through our Mom to Mom group and she’s always such a blessing to me and other moms.  When she’s got some advice to give, you better listen because it’s going to be GOOD!!  She’s always got great nuggets of wisdom rooted in Biblical truths.  You just have to look at this awesome family to see that this mom of six practices what she preaches!  You should be super proud of this bunch, Jeannie and Art!!  They’re a great group of kiddos!!

Thank you so much for inviting me out, Parkersons!!  I had a blast with you guys and I hope we get to do it again some time soon!!


~~ Maggie ~~





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