Oh my gracious, how I love this sweet little family!!  You’ll remember little Louie from a previous blog post this summer (read it again today… cried… again…).  So SO happy to report Louie is doing better and is in remission!!!  God is good ALL the time!!  And little Louie is now a BIG BROTHER!!

Laura and Josh along with big sister Bailey and big brother Louie welcomed little Lennon to TeamSlice in October!  At six weeks this new, this little guy is so sweet and looks like a little old man!!  I love it!!  It took a little coaxing, but we finally convinced him that photo sessions are so much more fun when you can sleep through them!!  It took some work, but I’d say it was well worth the wait!!  What a cutie!!

Louie and Bailey were so incredibly patient while we did Lennon’s pictures and once we finished up, we got to go outside and play!!  Louie and Bailey went down the slide, we played a quick game of peek a boo, and even somehow acquired a tractor from a sweet neighbor!!  I’d say that’s a win for any photo shoot!!

These guys are just the nicest family and a true testament to God’s strength and love.  These guys face trials and uncertainty that no parent should have to walk through with faithfulness, love, gratitude, and bravery.  SO. MUCH. BRAVERY.

Welcome to the world, Baby Lennon!!  You are truly loved!!

You can follow Louie’s journey on Facebook and support the family here!

#TeamSlice432 !!!!!


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