{The Phillips Family}


Alaina contacted me about doing a Mickey themed birthday session for little Jaxson and I knew I was in!  I met sweet little Lily during preschool pictures this spring so I was super excited to get to work with this little cutie again!!  Those curls kill me!!!

We hung out at Windsor Castle Park on a rare, rain free evening and we couldn’t have asked for better weather!!  (Less bugs maybe but not better weather!!)  Mom wanted to make sure we got some family pictures before all of the birthday cake smashing started.  Lily was so fun and energetic and just has the sweetest smile with those big brown eyes.  And Jaxson is Daddy’s boy!!  All of those big toothy smiles – all for dad!!  Blue eyes, blonde hair, and those cheeks!!  Oh my gracious!!!

Jaxson wasn’t so sure about this whole cake idea (although the balloons were a hit!!) but was eventually persuaded to have a few bites.  Cake on the fingers, cake on the toes, and nice cold cup of milk.  Not so bad after all!!  Man, being the adorable birthday boy is hard sometimes!!!

Thank you so much, Phillips family!!  And Happy Birthday, Jaxson!!!  Give Mickey a High Four for me at your party!!!




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