A Year in Review 2015



Another year in the books!!  It’s always so much fun to look back on the year and remember all the fun times I had with you guys!  I tried going through all of my sessions and pulling a favorite (or two… or four…) from each and I got all the feels again when looking through some of these sessions!!  I know there’s a TON here but I know there’s a TON still that I missed.  The images I take become very personal to me, especially when the people in them are so sweet!!  I can see how I grow and change over a year and I love seeing how *my* kiddos (not just the ones I gave birth to!!) grow and change too.  Thank you so much for trusting me with some super special moments in your lives and for supporting this little dream of mine.  You guys are awesome and I pray for an equally awesome 2016 for each of you!!!



Dance pictures!!  Gosh I really love dance pictures.  I know no one ever really sees all of them (and there’s a fair amount of grumbling about them!) but they’re so out of my normal family/baby/couple shoots and they really can be a lot of fun!!!


Oh, Santa!!  How am I supposed to pick just one!?!?



Happy New Year!!!




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