{McKenna ~ 4 days new}


Oh, I had the best time hanging out with this sweet family!!  Lindsey and I had been in touch for a few weeks before McKenna made her big debut.  As her date got closer and closer and then passed, I had to restrain from constantly asking “Any baby YET!?!?”  Sweet McKenna was perfectly content to hang out as long as possible before receiving her eviction notice.  I know her mom and dad are so happy she’s here now though!!  It worked out that I was also able to sneak in a picture or two of Baby M with her super sweet grandmother too!!

I love when we can get furry family members in on the photo action too and this session did not disappoint!!  McKenna’s big fur brother Hunter was the perfect puppy model!!  (There may or may not have been chicken involved but, hey, whatever it takes, right!?)  He snuggled right up on the bed with the rest of the family and even managed to plant a nice wet doggie kiss on his baby sister before bounding out of the room!

Thank you so much, Fishers, for inviting me into your home!  I’m so honored to share these special moments with people, listening to their stories, and capturing these memories.

Best wishes and God Bless  you, Baby M!!!



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