{Lonnie Girl}



You can’t buy love, but you can rescue it…


My sweet Lonnie Girl has been here just over a month so I thought a formal introduction was long overdue!!

I know when we brought Lonnie home, half of my friends must have said “Oh my gosh, Maggie got a dog???” and the other half said “Oh my gosh, Maggie FINALLY got her dog!!”  I’ve wanted a dog for SO long and I keep threatening James that when we travels for work, he’s going to come home to a new furry family member sleeping on his pillow.  He was not totally on board with the dog idea for the longest time.  But after only, I dunno, 12 years… I finally convinced him to visit a shelter!!  Shelter dogs are all I ever had growing up and “rescued mutt” is my favorite breed!

After visiting some shelters and going to an adoption event, I found Lonnie’s picture on Petfinder.com.  As soon as I saw her, I knew there was something about that sweet face that spoke to my heart.  She didn’t have a name.  She was #105.  But not for long!!  I emailed the Southampton County Animal Shelter for more information and waited.  I prayed she was healthy and didn’t have any major issues.  She was an owner surrender and I think spent most of her 2 years outside with little attention or discipline.  I prayed she was as calm and sweet as those eyes told me she was in her picture.  Part of me was completely overwhelmed, doubted if we were making the right decision, and didn’t want to get my heart broken.  Cyndi emailed me back to say that she was good around kids and cats and that she was headed to the vet the next morning to get checked out and spayed.  More praying.  More waiting.  The next day, she emailed me back to say that she was good to go!!  We could go visit her the next day at her foster Cindy’s farm in Ivor.

That’s when the nerves set in.  Was this the right thing?  Could we be good dog parents?  It’s a huge decision to adopt a dog!!  I freaked myself out so much that I almost couldn’t go.  I told James before I left for the farm that she was really going to have to be something very special to win me over.  Fear and anxiety can do terrible things!!  I’m so thankful I didn’t give in to that fear and that I trusted God when he said “Go.”

When she walked out, I took her leash and lead her over to a tree between two barns.  After a few minutes with her, I looked at her and said “Yeah.  I think I love you.”  And that was that!!  She’s such a good dog.  So sweet.  So calm.  And so smart.  Cam was running around her and being 2 years old and she never batted an eye.  He ran right up to her and she never flinched.  I think she knew we were her people.  The next day, we met up with her foster mom and brought her home!!  It was so awesome to surprise the big kids after school!!  They’d wanted a dog for so long too and we didn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up so she was a huge surprise!!  It was so awesome!!  They have done nothing but love on her ever since and she’s soaking it up!!

And my James.  My anti-dog James.  To say he’s smitten is quite the understatement.  Every once in awhile he will say “How could anyone get rid of this dog?” and “I told you we should get a dog…”  She sleeps under his feet while he works at his desk and they love hanging out in the back yard, taking walks, and snuggling on the couch playing video games.  She’s totally his dog.

Lonnie is the perfect addition to our family and I can’t imagine life without her.  It’s as if she’s always been here and we’ve always been her people.  There’s nothing like the love of a shelter dog!!  They know they’ve been rescued and will love you forever!!  I encourage you to adopt, don’t shop!!  If you’re not in the market for a new furry family member, you can always support your local animal shelter by volunteering, with donations, or by making a financial gift.


Lonnie was adopted through the Southampton County Animal Shelter and the PACC Organization.  You can support the amazing and generous Southampton County fosters by donating through their Amazon wish list (donations are sent right to them!!).  I can’t thank these selfless ladies enough.  The work that they do for animals is awesome.  They work tirelessly to save as many cats and dogs as they possibly can and get them into loving homes.


Another special shout out to Mrs. Patty Allen and her AWESOME doggie obedience classes at Pawsitive Attitudes!!  Lonnie’s learning so much (and so are we!!) and has made SO much progress since we brought her home!!


Update!!  Cyndi from the shelter made the SWEETEST video of our girl.  I  cried the first time I watched it.  (Let’s be real.  I cry every time I watch it!!)  Please check it out here!!



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