{Kelly and MJ ~ Rocket and Thunder}


I love watching “my” families (and usually the little people in them!) as they grow so it’s so much fun to get to hang out with one of our couples again!!  I can’t call them clients because they’re more like family (I made myself an honorary McCarthy sister, so…) but I’ve been lucky enough to be there for some pretty special times for these guys.  My first session with Kelly was when she graduated from CNU (go, Captains!!) and MJ tagged along for a few pictures too.  Then came the engagement pictures (!!) after T.H.E. most adorable proposal ever (gosh I wish I’d been there for that!!) and the cutest Converse themed wedding last fall.  These two came back into town for Baby Corin’s birth so we snuck in a super quick little mini session with two of the cutest pups around!!

Rocket (in blue) and Thunder (in pink) are just GORGEOUS.  So fluffy and the most beautiful markings!  These playful pups thought I was nuts but through the magic of Milkbone, we were able to convince them that family photos aren’t the worst thing ever.  These guys were such troopers because it was SO HOT.  Next time, let’s plan for Christmas pictures, guys!!  lol!!

I’m looking forward to the next time I get to hang out with this sweet family and their fur babies and I’m waiting for the time when not all of the babies have fur… hint hint hint!!!


~ Maggie


Isn’t Kelly’s necklace adorable??  It’s from Ivy By Design!  Check out her Etsy shop here!

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