{Amber and Brad}


Amber asked me if I would take some just for fun pictures of her and Brad a few weeks ago.  Brad has this cute little john boat and there’s a beautiful lake behind his grandmother’s house.  We waited until the fall leaves were in full color and had the most perfect fall afternoon for pictures.  Not too cold, not too hot (because apparently that’s a thing in November in Virginia), but just the right amount of fall!  I know I say this every time but THIS is one of my absolute favorite sessions EVER!!  I was seriously doing a little jig on the dock because I was so excited about how beautiful everything was!!

Amber is one of my dearest friends in the whole world so when I got a message from Brad a few months ago asking about her, I got a little excited.  I want nothing but happiness for my very best friend and I love seeing how sweet Brad is to her.  I’ve known Brad since I was five and, despite what he says, I’ve always known there was a big old heart in there.  He is so sweet to her and I love seeing how tender and caring he is with her.  Amber is so supportive and encouraging to Brad and I love her smile when he’s around.

You guys are the sweetest together and I wish you nothing but happiness in the future!!  I loved capturing this super special time and seeing you two together and happy makes me smile.  I love you guys!!!!




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