{2016 Year in Review}


EEK!!!  This is literally one of my favorite posts to do.  Fair warning now, it’s a long one!!  Yes, it’s a bit daunting to go through so many pictures from the year (I keep saying I’m going to do it as I go… maybe next year, right?!)  but it’s so much fun to relive all of these special memories!!  I have to say, I have some awesome clients!!  Good gracious you guys are a good looking bunch!!  And I had the best time with you guys this year.  Thank you so much for trusting me with your memories and for letting me share in your special milestones in life.  It’s truly my honor and I’m blessed to be able to help you share your story.

To my families, you guys are the best.  Each and every one of you brings a new story to tell.  From birthdays to big moves, everyday smiles and huge life changes.  I’ve laughed with you and cried for you and prayed over you.  The smiles on your kiddos faces brings me such joy and thank you so much for sharing them with me!!  I love watching your families grow and change over the years.  You guys have shown me what love and strength and hope and joy and just plain old fun look like.

To my mommies and daddies with the little squishy babies, oh my gosh I love you guys!  First timers or rookies, you guys are awesome.  They’re only that little for awhile and it goes by so quickly.  I had the incredible honor of shooting another birth this year and there’s truly nothing else like it.  It’s such a miraculous experience that I will forever hold dear to my heart.   Thank you for letting me soak in those new baby smells and get my baby snuggle fix!!

To my Class of 2017 Seniors, oh I can’t wait to hear about all the great things you guys are going to do!!  You each brought something new and fun to your session and I loved seeing each of your unique personalities.  I know your parents are so proud of all of you!!  Congratulations on all you’ve accomplished and best of luck in all you do in the future!!   I wish you guys nothing but the best.

And to all my people celebrating LOVE, I LOVE you guys!!!  I love to see how each of you loves each other in your own special way.  They little looks, the smiles, the sweet little touches.  Amber and Brad, you guys are so sweet together and I’m loving watching you two enjoying this fun time in life.  Carrie and David, gosh you guys are too cute!!  We had so much fun celebrating with you guys.  You make us feel so welcome and part of your families.  Rebecca and Bobby, you guys are so sweet!  I love that you put the Lord first in all you do.  And even though we FROZE, your day will always be one of my favorites!!!

This year I had the awesome opportunity to take quite a few professional head shots for some truly amazing folks.  One of the most notable, my two dear friends Amy and Shannon!!  They are running their LuLaRoe business together, in addition to their own individual businesses (Shannon sells Jamberry and Amy runs an embroidery business called  Little Pink Pachyderm)  We went to the Neon District in Downtown Norfolk for a super fun (and somewhat chilly…) head shot session!!  And any session that ends with delicious grilled cheese sandwiches with friends is a win in my book!!!  Oh and there was that time I got to FLY IN A HELICOPTER!!!!!  GAH!!!  When I did head shots for the awesome crew at Nightingale, we had to move the aircraft to the upper helipad so guess who got to take a little ride over the river???  THIS GIRL!!  Gosh, this crew is so much fun.  This incredible group of men and women are my heroes (particular that guy you’ll see pictured below!!).  Thank you guys so much for everything you do for our community and bringing hope and help to those who need it most.

I took another new adventure this year into the world of theater with my beautiful daughter Erika Lynne.  She was a Rafiki in the Lion King Jr this fall and I’m still in awe of her bravery to be on stage, her hard work to learn lines, songs, and choreography, and her perseverance to do it all when she wasn’t feeling the greatest.  I watched as she auditioned for the spring show and tears welled in my eyes as her voice filled the room.  I love watching her perform because she loves it so much.  I could see that from the time she could walk (but I’m her mom so of course I can say that!)!!  I’m so grateful for Ms Michelle at TADA and all of her dance teachers over the years at Dynamic Movements for not only teaching her the nuts and bolts but for helping build her confidence in herself and showing her how to work as a team to put on a great show.  As I watch all of these actors and dancers on stage, I’m amazed at all of them for working so hard and getting up on that big stage.  Shout out to the instructors and parents and everyone who makes these great shows happen!!  Awesome job!!

And finally my Santa families!!!  (I told you this was going to be a long post!!)  Santa pictures have become something I look forward to all year.  Darden’s Country Store in Smithfield graciously hosted us again this year for our annual Toys for Tots fundraiser.  We had over 30 families come out to see Santa this year (super big shout out to the Big Man in Red!!  Holy smokes that’s a lot of kiddos!!) and generously donate two HUGE boxes of toys to Toys for Tots.  You guys make my heart SO HAPPY.  And seriously, Santa, you’re the best.  Thank you SO MUCH for taking time during a super busy time of the year to help us out with this.  Smiling kids, screaming kids, cautious kids, and little kids sitting with Santa for the first time, you are the best through it all!!

I am so incredibly grateful to be able to do what I do and to be able to meet so many incredible people.  Thank you so much for supporting my business this year and I’m looking forward to meeting new faces next year and watching these families grow.  You are all so special and I’m truly blessed for knowing you guys.  I wish your families the best 2017 has to offer!!  Big hugs and high fives to all of you!!!





Birth Stories and Newborns…


(Seriously Dr. Lee is the best.  I mean, if I got abducted by space aliens and was to have another baby, she would totally deliver it!!  But that’s about the only way I’m having any more babies!!  I’m perfectly happy to snuggle other people’s!!)



Can’t leave these fur babies out!




Class of 2017…



Ah, sweet love…


Professional Headshots…


Theater and Dance…


Toys for Tots Santa Fundraiser…




Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


2 thoughts on “{2016 Year in Review}

  1. Pat Hall says:

    INCREDIBLE! You make us all so proud.God has blessed you with so many talents, Maggie Hall Stoup, and you use them so well. Bless You.

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