{ Maddie ~ Happy 1st Birthday! }


Photographer problems: I’m editing a session and I think “THIS is my favorite session ever!” Then I hang out with my next adorable family and come home and say “No no THIS is my favorite session ever!!”  I guess that just means I have the best clients around, right??  I mean I seriously do!!  As we were leaving our super fun (and SUPER hot!!) beach session, Josh commented that I get just as excited about the pictures as they do and it’s true!!  I love hanging out with awesome folks and these guys are no exception.

Sweet Maddie is one of my newborns and I loooooooved her newborn session!!  (It was crazy pre-blog fiasco so I’ll share one my favorite images from that day at the end of this one!!)  I was so excited when Miranda emailed me asking about first birthday pictures.  My first thought, honestly, was “Wow!!  A year already???”  We got together on this perfect little private beach along the James River and, although we nearly melted, Maddie totally rocked it!!  (You guys looked great too, Miranda and Josh!!)  Thankfully, we had Grandma along too to bring those awesome smiles and some tunes for a little Maddie dance party.  I wish I had a video of that because it’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen!!

Happy Birthday, sweet Maddie!!!  I look forward to hanging out with you guys again soon!!  I promise I’ll work on my dance moves for next time!




As promised, a favorite from Maddie’s newborn session!!  This little 4th of July firecracker needed a little red, white, and blue incorporated into her shoot.  Although I love that whole session so much, it needs a Throwback blog post all it’s own!!



~ Maggie

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