{Super Minis Fundraiser}

Paul Info Card.jpg


Help us lend a helping hand, um or maybe, a FOOT!!

Recently my uncle Paul, a former law enforcement officer, lost his foot and portion of his leg in a long battle with diabetes.  My aunt Dianne works full time as a nurse and supports the family (including my grandmother).  After talking with the doctor’s, they found out it will cost THOUSANDS out of pocket even after insurance.

I’m going to be hosting SUPER mini sessions to raise money to help them out!!  They will be held on September 18th at Sleepy Hole Park in Suffolk (rain date will be September 25th).  Each session will be 15 minutes and will include 5 downloadable images (I will chose the images for your gallery).  These sessions are valued at $350 but you can book a time slot for a $100 donation.  (Of course if you’d like to donate more, we won’t say no!!)  This is the perfect time to get a few back to school photos, headshots, or even your family Christmas card picture!  Please remember that these will be short and sweet!!

These guys have done so much to help out our community over the years, so now it’s our turn to help them!  If you’d like to book a session or if you have any questions, please email me at maggie@homeworksvideoproductions.com to reserve your spot.

Even if you aren’t booking a session, you can still contribute online here!  Any little bit helps!!  Thank you SO MUCH for your support!!!

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