{Willa ~ 18 days new}


Oh sweet Willa!!

Willa’s mom and I reconnected after she contacted me about doing some newborn photos for her sweet new girl.  Aubrey and I went to Sunday School together and she and my husband had many classes together growing up.  I was so nice to connect again after so many years and under such sweet circumstances!

Little Willa was named after her daddy, who she looks just like if you ask me!  She was such a sweet angel for our session and slept through just about all of it!!  She only needed a little convincing that we weren’t totally crazy and it was okay to just doze back to sleep.  Just 18 days old and mommy already knows all of this girl’s tricks to make her a happy baby!

It was so great seeing you again, Aubrey!!  Your sweet girl is just precious and I know you’re going to be a great mommy!!!




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