{The Thacker Family}


Eeek!!  I love this sweet little family!!  The weather was perfect for this nice and relaxed family session.  I was so excited to meet up with them now that little Claire is here!!  Long country roads, the cutest front porch, and a perfect little pond with geese made for a picture perfect evening.  Reed is such a gentleman and took me to see his pond!  We rode over on the golf cart to spy for fish and watch the dragonflies buzzing around the edges.  Daddy raced with Reed and Mommy kissed on the cutest baby toes you’ve ever seen.  These guys have the best smiles and I’m so blessed to be able to capture this fun time as their family grows.  Thanks for having me, guys!!  I can’t wait to come visit your pond again, Reed!!  I’ll bring the juice boxes next time!


~ Maggie



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