{Emma ~ 10 Years Old}


Oh my goodness I love this girl!!  So quick crazy backstory on our families… When I was pregnant with my Eri, we were in “baby class” at the hospital where we were going to deliver.  We were at a hospital 30 minutes away from where we lived but somehow ended up chatting with this couple that was also from Smithfield – Emma’s mommy and daddy!  Small world, right??  So fast forward a few years, I end up buying a bunch of completely random kid things from someone on one of those facebook buy/sell/trade sites.  James would usually meet this lady while I was on a shoot in Smithfield so I never got to actually meet her.  After a few times, we figured out that it was Emma’s mom!  Again, small world!  Turns out Emma and Eri danced at the same dance studio too!  Danielle and I became friends and we invited them to church with us one weekend and all of our kiddos got to hang out.  The rest, as they say, is history and now Emma and Eri are BEST BUDDIES!!  I never would have thought 10 years ago that the strangers we met at baby class and didn’t see again for years would be some of the greatest blessings in our lives.  But God’s got a funny way of putting people in your life just when you need them most!

This girl is so, so precious and I’m so glad I can call her and her family our best friends.  She is such a beauty inside and out.  I’m so incredibly thankful she and Eri and such great friends.  She is so thoughtful and caring and polite…  An amazing big sister and beautifully sensitive soul…  Smart and funny and the best smile!!  Happy (a little bit late) 10th birthday, Emma!!!  We love you and your family so much!!!


~ (Mrs.) Maggie  🙂


❤ Buddies!!!  I love these girls!!  (And it was a little hot, y’all!!)

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