{Alexis ~ Three Weeks New}


Oh, sweet girl!!!  I was so happy to get to snuggle this sweet girl last week!!  At three weeks new, I was a little nervous how she would do with her posed pictures but she rocked it like a champ!!  I even got a smile!!  Little Alexis is so sweet and so perfect and so snuggly!!  Gosh I just love her!!

This family is so dear to me.  I’ve known Erika since Freshman year of college (which, honestly, was only about 2 years ago or so… or so…) and even my Eri is named for her and our other bestie!!  I’m so happy to watch this family grow.  The Lord has big plans for you guys!!  I’ll never forget the day I wrote down my big bold prayer that He would send Baby Sister to this family and the day Erika and Adam told us she was expecting!!  GAH!!  So happy for them!!!  We even got together for family pictures last fall before sister arrived.  (Check out t.h.e. most perfect little bump here!!)  Micah was SO excited to tell me all about his little sister and I know he’s going to be an AWESOME big brother!!  He’s such a help to mom and dad and so eager to love on his sister!!  What a great guy!!

Auntie Maggie loves you, Alexis!!  I knew you were on your way and I’m so glad you’re here!!!




2 thoughts on “{Alexis ~ Three Weeks New}

  1. Pat Hall says:

    Congratulations! Beautiful little one and, of course, beautiful pictures! You are so Blest. We look forward to meeting Alexis and giving you a hug! Love, Frank and Pat

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