{Happy Birthday, Gracie Jean!}


Grace’s mommy and daddy are in Bible study with me and a great group of moms and dads.  We were all SO excited when they told us that Grace would be joining their sweet family!!  We all gave a big old thumbs down when we realized Daddy would miss her big arrival though.  But we all made it our mission to surround Chelsea and help her out however we can.  That’s what your tribe does!!  It really does take a village!!

I was so honored when Chelsea said I could come on Grace’s birthday to take pictures for Daddy.  Nothing can ever make up for those first moments but I wanted him to be able to see his sweet girl, his amazing wife, and his three incredible big kids on this special day.  I got to the hospital super early (which means I for real love you, Foust Family.  Like, for real.) and was able to see Chelsea and her dad before Grace was born.  I sent dad in with my backup camera and he rocked it!!  Another mommy friend and I waited patiently (well, as patiently as can be expected) until one of the nurses told us “our baby” was in the nursery window.  Our baby!!  lol!!  Well she’s the newest member in our tribe after all!!  We oooo-ed and awww-ed and wook at her tiny wittle fingers-ed through the window while they checked her out and then, because we’re apparently easily distracted by shiny things and fresh babies, realized someone should probably go see about mom!  She’s for real super woman.  Her strength and bravery is awe-inspiring!!  Chelsea, you are so strong and so beautiful and motherhood looks so good on you!!

I loved that moment when all the big kids came in to see their new baby for the first time!!  The looks of awe and wonder and excitement on their little faces will absolutely melt your heart.  The love in the family is something that can’t be described in words.  They were all so gentle and loving and everyone wanted to hold her and kiss her.  This little lady is going to be one well-loved little girl!!

I was able to come over a few weeks later and get some newborn photos too and I had the best time!!  Big sister Annabelle was SUCH a great helper!!  She helped set up my backdrops, pick out headbands, and even got to take her very own picture!  Grace saved some super sweet smiles for her session and then slept like a champ the rest of the time!!  And THAT. DIMPLE.  Alllll the heart eyes!!!!  (For the record, I’m still #TeamSheLooksLikeMillie!)

Thank you so much for letting me share in this joy and capture this special time with you guys!!  Nate, I can’t wait for you to snuggle your sweet baby girl!!  I know there are a whole bunch of folks waiting for big daddy hugs from you!!  We love you, Foust Family!!!


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