{Back to School}


We finished our first week of school and we survived!!  Sometimes that’s all you can ask for!  But really it wasn’t bad.  First days and new schools and getting back into routines aren’t always easy but once we get our sea legs, we’ll be fine!

Middle school is no joke, y’all.  I’m so happy that so many (read: all…) of my friends said their kids came home floating on Cloud 9 on their first day and that they absolutely love it.  It wasn’t quite that smooth around here, but Day 2 went much better!  There was chorus on Day 2 and any day with singing is always better!  We’re Stoups and we can do hard things and change is hard BUT we’re STOUPS and we can do hard things!!  I’ve honestly felt like a fish out of water trying to navigate public school, like I’m always two steps behind or just on the outside of knowing what’s going on.  I’m trying to stay connected and involved (evidence by the fifty apps I have added on my phone now… but that’s a rant for another day…) but it seems they make things needlessly complicated at times.  Thankfully we’ve been blessed with AMAZING teachers at awesome schools which helps SO MUCH.  I’m so grateful for what these teachers do everyday.  Seriously you guys deserve a medal.  Or a drink.  Or a drink and a medal.  And all the cookies.

In an effort to make those 6:15 mornings (yes. 6:15 wake ups. Six. Fifteen. AM.) and crazy homework times a little smoother, we’re trying to start the year off on a nice and organized foot!  I made this cute little homework station that sits on our kitchen table and has just about everything they’d need for afternoon homework.  No more searching for a pencil (a sharpened one is a bonus…) or digging for a glue stick.  Three little mason jars I already had in my garage and this little basket from Walmart fit perfectly on the table all within arms reach.  I made these check off lists too.  I want everyone to be able to know exactly what needs to be done before we leave for the day and what they need to take with them.  They’re laminated and there’s a dry erase marker in the apple jar and they love checking things off their lists.  Lunches are packed the night before and I put everyone’s list at their chair for the morning.  After they go to school, I can flip the big kids’ lists over and they’re ready for them in the afternoon.  They know if it’s a dance day or soccer and what needs to be done before they can go play.  It’s only been a week but so far so good!

I hope your kiddos had a great first week!!  Here’s to a fantastic year!





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