{Erika Lynne ~ 10 Years of Dance}


This is Eri’s 10th dance season but I always say that she started dancing before she was even born.  We were filming a recital the Christmas I was pregnant with her and through the whole show she bounced and kicked.  At intermission she was nice and still, resting up for the second half of the show!  Once the music started, I felt those little feet start going again!

She has never once been afraid to step out on that stage and I am so incredibly proud of her bravery and the courage it takes to get up in front of all of those people.  Even after all these shows, I still hold my breath and get a little tear when she dances.  I just love watching her do something that she absolutely loves.  I hope she never ever stops!

Eri, we are all SO proud of you!!  This year’s recital, like everything else, won’t look like years past but we’re going to make it a great one all the same!  If we’ve all learned one thing, it’s that the show must go on!  Keep dancing like no one’s watching and know that I’ll always be there cheering you on.  I love you!!!


This cracks me up way more than it should!!  It was only about 9000 degrees and she may have been just a little over me and my pictures!

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