Packing for Disney!

I have been having SO many packing nightmares lately about our trip! In one dream, I got all the way to Florida and had no clothes. In the latest, it was one hour before our flight took off and I was running through my house throwing things in suitcases! Travel stress is real, y’all!

I’ve been collecting items for weeks and putting them in a big tote bag ready for packing. I pulled them all out and started to get things organized, some things packed, and a list of anything else we still need to bring. I’m all about a list! I create packing lists for everyone and it makes it so much easier to just go down and check things off.

Here are a few of my favorite things I’m packing for our trip!

Anker Power Strip: I bought this power “strip” just for the trip but it’ll come in super handy at home too. It’s cube shaped and has regular outlets as well as USB outlets too. We’ll be able to charge phones and power bricks overnight all at once and keep everything right together rather than using every outlet in the room. (On our last trip, I just took a cheap power strip and that worked great too!)

Laundry bags: I got these at the dollar store (in a 3 pack!) for the kids to put dirty socks and underwear in each day. We’re hoping to have at least one evening to do laundry once we get to our resort at Disney. This way, I can throw these in and no one loses any rouge socks!

Wet bag: I’ve had this Mickey wet bag since the boys were little. It lived in my car with a change of clothes and was a great way to bring home any clothes that needed to go straight to the washer! If anyone has a wet bathing suit, we’ll throw it in here!

Clear liquid bag: I found this clear travel bag for liquids and it’s the same size as a quart bag so it’ll pass TSA inspection. We’re not checking any luggage (at least on the way down) so everything’s going in a carry on! Eri and I got pretty pink ones but I got the boys reusable quart bags for their things. We’ve got a folding duffle type bag that we are taking in case we need to check a bag on the way home.

Zip top bags: ALL the zip top bags in every size! I keep these in our suitcases but I also throw some into our park bags too. You never know when you’ll need them!

Travel first aid kit: we go through some bandaids on a good day but we made sure to get a dedicated box just for our trips to cover any little mishaps or blisters that show up. This little Welly kit was from Target and has sanitizer, antibiotic cream, and hydrocortisone cream too! And don’t forget the travel sized Tylenol and Motrin!

Cubes: one of my favorite vacation mom hacks! When the kids were little, everyone had to bring a lovie but I was so scared they’d get wrapped up in the bed linens and be gone. So we packed a fabric storage cube and every morning, all the lovies had to go in it. Once everyone was accounted for, we could all go enjoy our day and not have to worry about it! This time, all the lovies are staying home (pray for us – it’s the first time for all of them!) but I’m bringing these bins to organize everything together on the dresser in the room. I’m taking these small IKEA drawer organizers that zip along the bottom and fold flat so they take up no room in your luggage. We’ll be able to keep any little odds and ends together in the room and when switch resorts (Universal to Disney), we’ll know where everything is.

Park bags! James is carrying a backpack for big stuff and I’ll have my bag for stuff we’ll need more frequently. Eri has a bag for her phone and things but we’re debating whether or not the boys will want to carry a bag at all. I found this cool green backpack for Paxton that you can condense down into a tiny little bag (it feels like a parachute material). If he wants to carry it, it’ll be lightweight and easy but if he decides not to, it’s not taking up any room to throw it in James’s bag.

Zip top bags: again, so super handy! I keep a few of these in my bag for leftover snacks, small treasures, and I’ve even thrown one over my camera or phone if it starts to sprinkle.

Ponchos: I got these in a pack of five off Amazon and they’ll be good to throw in the bottom of your bag.

Water Bottles: I found these collapsible water bottles online that will be perfect for the kids. Cam got one as a gift a few years ago so we’ll be taking that one too. They’re a soft silicone material and they expand to a full size water bottle. Easy for packing, easy for carrying, and you can clip it on your bag too if you need to.

Fan: a little bit of an impulse buy but so cute! I found that Mickey fan at Walgreens in the Easter section and since Florida can get a little toasty even in April, I think we’ll all be glad to have it!

I’ll be using this bag in the parks. I’ve been debating which bag to take, crossbody or backpack, big mom bag or low profile and let Daddy carry all the things. But this is a favorite purse I’ve had for awhile (TJMaxx I think?) and I love it. I usually carry a small crossbody everyday but this is a great bag I use over the summer when we go to museums and places. What I love most about it is that it converts from a backpack to a crossbody easily (that and it’s super cute). At Kennedy Space Center, you can’t use a backpack so I’ll put everything we need in it and wear it across but for the theme parks, a backpack might be more comfortable. And it’ll fold down in my suitcase for traveling.

I love my little rolling carry on bag that I’ve had for years but I did get a new personal item/under the seat bag for the trip from Target and I think it’s going to be perfect. It’s really roomy inside I can keep everything we’ll need easily accessible at the airport right in that. It will go over the handle of the suitcase but that also has a zipper on the bottom to make it an additional pouch if you need it.

Here’s our packing list and you can get your own Canva template here!

We are getting so excited for our trip!! You know I’ll be sharing all the details when we get back – the good, the bad, the ugly, and the MAGICAL!

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