{Erika Lynne ~10th Birthday}


Ten years ago, this sweet girl made me a momma.

Ten years.  A decade.  Double digits.

Ten years of being amazed.

Amazed that my heart could hold so much love for one little person.

Amazed at the joy, the humor, the courage, the brains, the light that one little person can have.

Amazed that beauty on the inside can shine so brightly on the outside.

Amazed at the lovely young lady my baby is becoming.

Amazed that my heart hasn’t burst with pride.

Amazed that 10 years later, I love her even more than that first moment I saw her.

Ten years.

A decade.

Double digits.

Happy Birthday, my sweet girl.

I love you so much more than I could ever tell you.

Do you think if I put a nine on her cake, she’ll stay little forever?  I have it on good authority that works.  It’s worth a try right?


(Sometimes bugs crash your photo session… and you give your mom this look when she keeps snapping…)


A Beauty and The Beast inspired birthday shoot was perfect for my little book worm!!

Erika Lynne’s dress: Target

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