{Louie’s Legacy}


It’s been just over a week since we celebrated Louie and it still doesn’t seem real.  Louie’s day was overwhelming and joyful and sad and awesome all rolled into one.  Over 800 people (yes EIGHT HUNDRED) packed into Community Church to honor the life of this amazing little boy and to show support for this incredible family.  Superheros of all kinds showed up.  Captain America came carrying his shield with his team of crime fighting friends.  Other superheros showed up on big red trucks and some wore their shiny shields on blue uniforms.  Spider-man and the Storm Troopers wore masks to protect their identities.  Other smaller superheros came wearing masks to protect against germs because they are fighting a bigger battle inside their tiny bodies.  And some superheros came in wearing orange sunglasses as tears ran down their faces, holding tight to each other’s hands, ready to honor their precious boy.

Before the ceremony started, Louie’s signature orange sunglasses were handed out to everyone.  It was incredible to stand in the back and look over a sea of orange.  What an awesome feeling to know that in his short time Louie touched so many lives.  This little boy brought more joy to people in his three short years than some people do in their entire lives.  And his legacy lives on in so many ways.  I received so many comments and messages from people about how Louie touched them and how they’d be doing random acts of kindness to honor him.  It was absolutely incredible.

Louie’s Legacy is still sending big waves into motion.  Louie’s story isn’t over yet.  God still has big plans for this family.  I know that children’s cancer research will always be a cause that’s near to this family’s heart and they’re never going to stop fighting for a cure.

And this family is already sending more big waves into motion… this week they welcomed Baby Logan!!  Exactly one week (almost to the minute) after Louie left this Earth, Logan made his big arrival.  And according to Laura’s parents, big brother Lennon woke up at home at exactly the same time.  These brothers will always share a special bond that we may never understand this side of Heaven.  Laura and Josh, God has truly blessed you with some world changers.  Thank you for sharing your incredible family with the rest of the world.  We love you guys so much!!!



And then Pastor Michael made EVERYONE do the Whip- Nae Nae!!


I won’t say I heard Spider-Man sniffle… but…


There was over an hour wait for folks to give blood when I walked back there at 6:00.


3 thoughts on “{Louie’s Legacy}

  1. Candie says:

    Very heart touching. As a cancer survivor I can’t imagine this babys journey nor his families! My heart breaks for them..god watch over & bless them as they welcome his baby brother!

    • Chris sanders says:

      Louie is definitely my super hero. Well said in the article. The ceremony was awsome. I know louie would of loved All the super heros, police,firefighters etc. definitely . Love all of you guys friend and the family and definitely Lou dog.

  2. Barbara Lester says:

    Louie your story has touched 💞 and my soul. You are definitely a young man I will never forget. I did not know you personally but I came to pray 🙏🏻 for you everyday as I do with my own grandchildren. My heart ached for your Mom and Dad not being able to imagine how hard it was to keep up with the challenges that stood before them each and every day. We all tend to take life for granted . We tend to believe that because you are a child you are free from illness or pain. You are a example of all those beliefs are false. Children are just as vulnerable to all things that are bad as adults are. I will never again take that for granted. Your long journey has ended and your little body is free of pain. You have earned your wings and are now a child of God in your role of an 😇. God Bless you Louie! God bless your Mom and Dad and your siblings. Your memory will sure be held in the ❤️ of so many. You are surely a true SUPER HERO in my book.

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