{The Cox Family}


I swear these kids grow a foot every time I see them!!  I’ve been doing pictures with this sweet family since Caroline was a fresh little squishy newborn and I’m so blessed I get to hang out with them a couple of times a year for pictures!!  These kids are a HOOT!!  Gosh, I just love them!!  Caroline is such a beautiful model, inside and out.  She’s such a great big sister to these crazy brothers!!  Nathan had quite the leaf collection going by the end of our adventures around Fort Monroe and Zachary had all sorts of things to tell me (some of which I haven’t entirely figured out yet! lol!).  That little mischievous grin just kills me!!

We had the best time yesterday.  It turned out to be a great June evening for pictures – not to hot, a little overcast, and a nice breeze.  We watched the big ships go by, collected a wide variety of leaves, had races by the gazebo, and even saw a thousand jellyfish under the bridge when we walked onto the fort.  Nathan even spotted the “queen!”  (I have no idea if jellyfish have queens but if they do, THIS would be it!!  Yikes!!)

Thank you for hanging out with me, Cox family, and for sharing your precious kiddos with me!!  I’m already looking forward to our next adventures!!




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