{Maddie ~ 2 Years Old}


One of my favorite parts of this job is that I get the chance to watch so many special little ones grow up.  I did Maddie’s newborn photos, all squishy and new in her sweet nursery, and her first birthday pictures last year on the beach (when it was so hot I thought we might all melt!)!  So I was so excited to get to see this little 4th of July firecracker as she gets ready to celebrate her 2nd birthday. (Moana style!!  My newest Disney obsession!!  Seriously my kids will hardly even watch it with me anymore because we’ve watched it so many times!)

Friends, being two is HARD work.  But even though pictures might not have been at the top of Maddie’s “favorite things” list, I think we still manages to capture some super sweet moments!!  This is why it’s always important to be flexible with the little ones!!  Sit in a chair and smile? No thank you!!  Splash around in the kiddie pool?!  Yes PLEASE!!  Maddie’s awesome mom and dad went with it, broke out the bubbles, and just had a great time with her.  I love those sweet smiles as her Daddy chased her around the deck as she ran to her momma and then tried to splash us.  You can’t ask for anything better from this sweet girl!!

Happy Birthday, Maddie!!!  I hope you have the most wonderful day!!


~ Maggie



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