{Alice in Wonderland Jr}


There are not words to tell you how proud I am of this girl and this entire cast of kiddos!!  These guys have worked so hard for 11 weeks and this morning they put on a great show!  It was showtime for this year’s fall production of Alice in Wonderland Jr presented by TADA School of Performing Arts and they did not disappoint.

This is Erika Lynne’s third big show with TADA and we were SO EXCITED when she got the part of ALICE!!  From the moment she got her script, she sat down and started practicing her lines.  We’ve listened to these songs so many times both of my boys knew all the songs by heart!  As it got down to crunch time, the nerves (hers and mine!!) started to set in and we became immersed in ALL THINGS ALICE!!  After my initial panic at the t-minus two weeks mark – and I’m talking legit for real honest P.A.N.I.C. – Erika Lynne and I rehearsed daily.  The whole show, beginning to end, all the dancing, all the singing, all the lines.  James asked where “Broadway Maggie” came from and I told him that 34 years of Disney movies had prepared me for this moment!!  I watched my girl gain confidence and find her voice.  She totally stepped out of her comfort zone for this so we had to help her find her inner Alice!  At dress rehearsal last week, she blew me away and I could see that all of her hard work had paid off.  Once the curtain opened and she got her sea legs, I could see the confidence build in her and she rocked it!

And then, with less than a week until the show, she got a massive cold.  Yup.  MASSIVE.  Terrible cough.  Runny nose.  Stuffy sinuses.  Sneezing.  Froggy voice.  Did I mention the COUGH!?!  And you thought the panic at two weeks out was bad… We tried EVERY home remedy known to man (or moms!) and nothing really seemed to help much.  (And when I say everything, I mean everything!!)  She coughed for hours at night and even missed school because she could hardly catch her breath.  SUPER fun times, let me tell you!!  I called in all my prayer people and we just covered her with prayer.  One hour, Lord.  Keep her from coughing for ONE HOUR!!!  Y’all.  He totally did.  She got out there and NAILED IT!  Beautiful strong voice.  Clear lines.  Oooonnnneeeee little near coughing spell near the end but thankfully it was when everyone else had to do all the talking!!  God is good!!!  He’s so good!!  I knew He didn’t bring Eri this far just to let her hack through the whole thing.  After it was over I felt like I could hear Him saying “And you were worried??  I’ve got you!!”

I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing this girl is.  I thought she nailed it in rehearsal but OH.EM.GEE. this was even BIGGER!!!  She came out with little voice inflections and facial expressions and hand gestures I hadn’t seen (in the 4,356 time we’d done it in the living room!).  I know I’m so biased but, you guys, she killed it.  She’s so much braver than I could ever imagine.  I’m so proud that she over came her nerves and worked so hard to put on a great show!

HUGE HUGE shout out to everyone who helped my girl and who made this day so awesome!  Mrs. Michelle and Mrs. Stephanie, thank you for believing in my girl and pushing her out of her comfort zone and for encouraging her to go BIG!  Thank you to everyone who brought crazy home remedies (and chocolate!) and prayed for my girl and helped me stay sane and not be a full on crazy theater mom!  And thank you for everyone who came out to the show and showed your support for all of these kids!

Eri, I love you so much and I will always be your biggest fan no matter what.  I love to watch you perform.  Never lose that voice that God blessed you with and continue to use it to make people smile!  Look before you leap but always STAY CURIOUS!!  I LOVE YOU!!

~ Moma


One thought on “{Alice in Wonderland Jr}

  1. Pat Hall says:

    Sure hope we’ve got a video coming. I was heartbroken I couldn’t make it. Knew she would be the best eve–THATS OUR ERI😘😘😘

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