{The Zemaitis Sisters}


“We will be friends until forever, just you wait and see.”
A.A. Milne

Eek! I love these girlies!!  The Zs are my people and I love when I get to hang out with them for pictures.  We got together a couple of weeks ago in Norfolk’s Neon District for some birthday pictures!!!  Little Corin turned one not too long ago and Caroline just turned ELEVEN (supposedly, but to me she’ll always be that little 3 year old in preschool with Eri!!).

Now, I am totally digging all these fall colored sessions I get to shoot in October and November but OH MY GRACIOUS I’m loving this bright, fun sister session!!  It made me happy just looking at all the pictures lined up on my computer!!

Happy Birthday, Z Girls!!!  I love you so!!!  Your smiles shine just as bright as all these awesome colors and I’m so happy I get to be in your lives!!!

~Mrs Maggie ❤


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