{The Vanderslice Family}


I know I say it about a lot of families (because it’s true!), but I LOVE this family!!  I mean LOVE love this family!  These guys will always have a special place in my heart and I’m so blessed to be able to help them tell their story.  I’m so grateful for their friendship.  I can’t tell you how awesome it is to see these smiles and to play with these boys.  Bailey, you are such a great big sister to these crazy boys and your smile shows the beauty you have inside and out!  Oh, Lennyboo!!  Boy, I know you keep your momma and daddy on their toes and are always good for a laugh!!  And sweet Logan, you’re the ray of sunshine that showed up just when everyone needed it most.  TeamSlice, you guys still have that big army of prayer warriors on your side and know that we’re all here to keep loving on you and to keep telling Louie’s story.  He’s still sending big waves into motion!!

I love you guys so much!!



I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to pull this off, but Josh and Laura asked if we could create a special photo with Louie.  With a little help from my daddy, I think this is a perfect symbol of this part of the Vanderslice’s story.  Lou’s running ahead, with a smile on his face and without a care in the world.  And one day, that’s how he will greet us again.

You can read more about Louie’s journey here


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