{Heather ~ NRHS Class of 2019}


I have known this girl since she was four years old and I say she’s one of my original babies.  I taught preschool a million years ago before I had kiddos of my own and Heather was in my very first class.  I’m not sure how she’s graduating in the spring because that was just yesterday we were sitting in circle time singing songs.  I think back on those days and remember how she loved art, could put a puzzle together like nobody’s business, and had the sweetest, quietest, little giggle.  Some things never change!!  This girl is an amazing artist. You should check out her Little Libraries in the City of Suffolk – the Harry Potter box and the train box are both her creations!  Her puzzles are a little more complicated now and involve coding and robotics and engineering.  But that smile and sweet giggle are still exactly the same.

Heather, I’m so proud of the young lady you’ve become and I’m so thankful I got to watch you grow up from that sweet girl in my preschool class to the bright and beautiful woman you are now.  I know you will do GREAT things!!   I love you, girl!!


~ Mrs. Stoup



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