{Lauren and John ~ 10.6.18}


Oh I was so excited when I knew I’d be available for John and Lauren’s big day last weekend!  I’ve known Lauren’s family for a long time and they are so sweet.  And as soon as I walked into the church on Saturday, John and his parents welcomed me right in with open arms.  I knew it was going to be a great day!  (Even if it was about five.thousand.percent. humidity! Welcome to October in Virginia!)

Before the ceremony started, I got some photos of the rings and while I was taking pictures, John told me that his proposal to Lauren included sunflowers!  What!?  I love those little details that tie special days together.  And how beautiful are these flowers!?  Seriously the best!

These two had the sweetest ceremony surrounded by their families.  It was just beautiful to watch!  Lauren’s nephew Kam (with a K he told me!) carried the rings for them and rocked his little bow tie!!  So cute!!  After some family portraits, we headed down to the park and it was so beautifully perfect!  Once we left the church, Lauren took her shoes off and I don’t think they went back on the rest of the day.  A girl after my own heart!  The fact that she’s barefoot in all of her wedding pictures sums up perfectly these two.  They are laid back and simple and sweet and just perfectly in love.  (How many times can I say “perfectly” in one post??  I dunno but we’re going to find out!  Seriously, these guys are just the best!!)  I mean, they’ve got a secret handshake, you guys.  Come on!!!  How cute are they!?!  I think my FAVORITE moment was when I’d posed Lauren beside these beautiful yellow flowers and John and I stepped back and he so excitedly yelled “That’s my WIFE!!”  Melt my heart!!  These two hearts really beat as one and I love seeing such a natural, relaxed, comfortable love between two people.

We got back to John’s parents’ house for a small backyard reception (can I say it was perfect because it was!!).  Definitely “pinterest-worthy!”  You did good, momma!!  There was cake!  There was dancing!  And then there was more cake!!  Lauren and John had secretly made cupcakes and sprung a gender reveal on their family!!  They passed out BLUE cupcakes to everyone and the look on the mommas faces is PRICELESS!!  What a great day FULL of celebrations!!

John and Lauren, you guys are just the sweetest.  Thank you for letting me spend part of this special day with you!  Your sweet love is inspiring and I know you two are going to rock the parenting thing!  Congratulations!!


~ Maggie



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