This is Twelve



I feel like I say it every year.  I can’t believe this girl is TWELVE today.  Twelve!  But this year I feel like saying I can’t believe this girl is ONLY twelve.  Of course I long for the days of princesses and baby dolls and it makes me so sad to put all of the sparkly, frilly ruffles and bows away.  But I look at this amazing young lady and I can’t believe she’s only twelve.  She is so smart and so funny and so grown up that I have to remind myself often that she’s only twelve.  She has grown so much this year and I could not be more proud of who she is becoming.  Middle school is tough, y’all.  But this girl has proved she’s tougher.  (We’re Stoups and we do hard things, after all!)

My sweet girl, some of my favorite memories will be riding around with you in the car singing show tunes at the top of our lungs.  When you were two, as soon as we’d start driving I would hear from the backseat, “Sing with me, Moma?”  Thankfully that part hasn’t changed.  Eri, I will always be your backup singer.  I’ll be right behind you every step of the way, right there to support you in whatever you dare to dream.  I can’t wait to see what great things you will do!  I love you so much!


~ Moma



One thought on “This is Twelve

  1. Patricia Hall says:

    As always, you made me cry! You are the BEST MOMA and it shows in the eyes of your kids. Keep up the good work, Maggie Hall Stoup, and a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR ALMOST TEEN!

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