{Aly and Michael ~ 5.18.19}


OH what a beautiful, whirlwind day!!  Aly and Michael had the sweetest ceremony at their church in Chesapeake on the perfect day in May.  Every detail was lovingly put together by Aly’s incredible momma and her best friend.  Everything!  From the flowers to the centerpieces to the table settings and even the cake!  Amber and I stood in awe watching her arrange the flowers into the cake with no picture, just a vision in her mind of what she wanted it to look like.  It was mesmerizing!  Every detail was absolutely gorgeous!

The day was made even more special since the bride and groom hadn’t seen each other in months!  Michael joined the Coast Guard and has been away at boot camp and training for the last few months.  He flew in for the wedding that morning!!  How amazing is that!?  You guys are awesome!  Thank you so much for your service!!

This perfect day was filled with so much love and laughter,  prayers for the new couple, toasts and funny stories, and well wishes from friends and family all around the country.  It was such a blessing to be there to witness all of it!  Thank you, Aly and Michael, for letting us share in such a special time with you guys!  Best wishes on your new adventures!




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