{The Zemaitis Family}


I’ve been looking forward to sharing these photos of my favorite Z family but it also makes my heart SO SAD because it means they’re off on their great adventure to Alabama.  I don’t know what I can say about how much I will miss them and it seems a little silly to try to put it into words.

I met these guys just shy of 10 years ago when our girls were in preschool together.  They became fast friends (P-freaking-S stay tuned for THE cutest session we did a few weeks ago with the three preschool amigas!) and have stayed besties ever since.  We live just a few houses down so it’s such a treat to get to do all the big life things as well as all the little ones together.  These guys are really like the family you get to choose.  They show up at all hours when I need them.  I love their kids like my own.  We’ve seen each other’s biggest messes (literally, metaphorically, emotionally, you name it!), cried together through all the hard stuff, and joyfully shared in all the fun stuff.  Late night crafting (or trips to Walmart… or IHOP… or the ATM…), mommy breakfasts, ice cream in the new car, “well it won’t be the craziest thing we’ve done,” Summer of Serving, Mom to Mom meetings, playing hookie from Mom to Mom meetings, fireworks on July 3rd, trick or treating together every year, gingerbread houses at Christmas, a wedding, first day of school nerves, and last day celebrations.  Baby showers and birthday parties.  Births and baptisms.  Welcome to the family and some of the hardest goodbyes.  And so. many. hospital. trips. for the good, the bad, and the epic paper cuts.  (Seven kids between us – what do you expect!?)

At Cam’s birthday party the week before these guys left, Connor asked me to take his picture so that I wouldn’t forget him when he moved.  I took his picture but I’m not sure if it was in focus because my eyes started to tear up.  I pulled him in close and told him that I could never ever ever forget him because I’d known him since the moment he was born and you just don’t forget someone as special as him.  I was so incredibly blessed to be there when Connor and Corin were born and it’s a moment I will always hold dear to my heart.  To hear those first cries and witness those first moments of joy is a truly life changing experience.

I was so happy we got to squeeze in one more session before these guys left Virginia!  We went over to Fort Monroe on the most perfect summer evening (even if it started out just a little bit breezy!).  We eventually made it over to the beach for the most gorgeous glowy light.  I love these so much!  (And I’m more than a little jealous of these fabulous colors!!  Well done!)  You guys are so precious and I wish you all the best on your newest adventure.  Of all the hard things we’ve done, saying “see you later” is up there with the hardest.  But I know God has brought us through so much already that He’s not about to stop now!  I love you guys!!!



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