{Paxton ~ This is 10}


Oh my sweet boy.

Ten years old today.  Double digits.  A whole decade.

When you showed up, I was worried my heart wouldn’t be big enough for all the love for two babies.  You showed me that a mother’s love doesn’t divide.  It doubles.

Thank you so much for being my noticer.  Thank you for all the questions.  Thank you for all the new ways of seeing the world.  Thank you for your laugh and your smile and your jokes.  Thank you for your stories and your drawings and the 800 origami creations sprinkled all over the house.  Thank you for keeping me on my toes and for always having a hug for me.  Thank you for neck kisses.  Thank you for still wanting to hold my hand.  Thank you for your kindness and your tender heart.

Thank you for being you.

I’m so happy I get to be your momma.  I am forever changed because of it.


One thought on “{Paxton ~ This is 10}

  1. Patricia Hall says:

    Love, Love, Love! This boy is so sweet, tender, and so, so smart! The sky is the limit! Papa and I love our Pax so much!

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