{Madi ~ Class of 2020}


My cousin Madi was in town this week from Indiana and we had the opportunity to squeeze in a senior session in town while they were here.  I cannot believe she’s already a senior!!  We’re the grandchild bookends – I’m the oldest and she’s the youngest.  I still don’t think I’ve seen a baby with as much hair as she did when she was born!!  And, honestly, she’s still just as cute lol!  It was nice riding around chatting about colleges and future career plans.  It was the perfect fall evening (finally!) and the light was soooo warm and lovely by the time we got to Windsor Castle Park.  It had been so long since I’d shot there and it’s like an all new location!!  I can’t wait to get out there again!

Congratulations, Madi!  I hope your senior year is wonderful!!!

~ Maggie


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