{Erika Lynne ~ #Thirteen}


The list of things I’m absolutely sure of in life isn’t terribly long.  But I will tell you I’m certain that having a birthday during a global pandemic is the pits.  I do not recommend.

We’ve cancelled all birthday plans, celebrations with friends, and having all of our family over.  James has literally been planning her birthday surprise since January so I’m not sure who was more upset about postponing (spoiler alert: it was me… crying in the bathroom. It was me.)  If you know me, you know how special birthdays are to me.  Everyone’s birthday!  I looooooove birthdays and I love making my kids feel extra special on their special day.  And here we are.  Stuck in our house, for who knows how long.  Super.

But everyday this week I’ve tried to stop and think of all the things I’m thankful for despite all this craziness going on.  I mean, when else would we all get to spend our lunchtimes doodling with Mo Willems, listen to Eric Carle read the Very Hungry Caterpillar, and see all the behind the scenes happenings at zoos and aquariums and museums we might not ever visit??  So I’m trying to think about what I’m thankful for on this less than ideal birthday.  We’re together and we’re healthy.  We get to watch all the girly movies and paint nails and play boardgames.  And there’s cake sooo…. And it’s a chance to show my girl how special she is in ways we might not if we’re rushing here and there or cleaning the house for company to come over.  It’ll be a birthday to remember for sure!

This girl makes me so proud and gives me so much to be thankful for.  She’s so kind and so brave and so funny.  She’s fearless on stage and has the voice of an angel.  She’s creative and smart.  She’s a great big sister and I’m so honored I get to be her mom.

I love you so much, my sweet girl.  We’re going to have an awesome day today and the biggest party later, even if it’s in October!  What could be better than cake TWICE!?

~ Moma


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