Finding a Great Match with Your Photographer

You’ve decided to invest in a photo session! Yay!! But now what? Having a great relationship with your photographer is so important and can make your session so much more enjoyable. Here are some tips for finding the perfect match in a photographer!

Finding the right style

Every photographer has their own style and sees things in their own special way. Get a feel for what kind of photography would best fit you and your style before you start looking around for a photographer.

Do you prefer images that are light and soft?

Maybe colors that are more muted?

Bold and colorful images?

Or maybe images that are a little darker with a moody vibe?

Are you looking for a more laid back, lifestyle session to capture the everyday candid moments or something a little more structured?

Does your photographer have experience with the type of photos you’re looking to get? It’s more than okay to ask to see examples of previous work!

Finding a photographer that fits in with your style will set the expectations of what type of images you’ll be receiving.

Displaying your images

Are you planning on hanging family photos in your home (you should!) or will you need digital images to use for your business website and social media?

Some packages offered by photographers include prints or digital images or a combination of both while others may only include the actual session time. Always ask what is included with your session fee and how you’ll be receiving your images afterwards.

Get to know your photographer!

Check out your photographer’s social media to not only get an idea of what type of images they create but also find out about their personality. Do they have kids too? Are they a cat person or a dog person? Maybe you share a love of theater or grew up in the same town! All of these connections can make everyone feel more relaxed on the day of your session and it can be more like hanging out with a friend than a stressful photo shoot.

When in doubt, ask all the questions! Great communication on the front end of booking a session will set you up for success and make your experience that much better. Not everyone will be a perfect fit and that’s okay! (But a “thanks for your time” email is always appreciated if you decide to go a different route!) You need to be able to trust your photographer so you can relax and have fun!

I want my clients to leave a session feeling great about themselves, confident in the images we captured, and like they just spent time with a friend. If you think we might be a good fit, drop me an email and let’s hang out!

~ Maggie

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