Keeping Your Memories Organized: Chatbooks

One of the most asked questions I get is about how to organize and store photos. Digital storage is a whole other post but I am a firm believer that photos should be printed so they can be enjoyed frequently and by the people in your home.

But these days, with all of the photos we take on our phones alone, printing them can not only be overwhelming but costly. Enter Chatbooks! I love these little books just for my phone photos. I have a subscription set up for 6×6 softcover books that are set to print automatically when the book reaches 60 pages. And it’s only $10 a book! I have my subscription linked to an instagram account that I ONLY use for Chatbooks. When I get a chance, I’ll upload a big batch of photos to that account and Chatbooks fills in my book for me. When it’s ready, I get an email that my book is ready and can go make any changes, reorder photos, or print right away. You can even add captions too.

These aren’t just for phone photos though. I also use these to print the kids’ “school books” too. Each kiddos has a book from each grade and I LOVE them! (Granted, with the dumb pandemic and as they get older, the books sadly get smaller and smaller. But now that Eri’s in high school, I look forward to including the selfies she’s taken with her buddies.) But it’s so fun to see each kid get older and older on the covers and look back on first days of school, PTA programs, and field trips.

These live on the bookshelf in our living room and the kids often will take them down and look through them. Everyone gets their own cover during their birthday month so those are always favorites. It’s important for kids to be able to see photos of themselves and their families. I think it really fosters a sense of belonging and connection and offers a chance to look back on fun times and every day moments.

This isn’t a sponsored post but I do have a code for $10 off your first order! Just use P67A7PUK at checkout at There are oodles of other options too on making your books extra special. Let me know if you make your own book and tag me in your photo!

3 thoughts on “Keeping Your Memories Organized: Chatbooks

  1. Pat Hall says:

    Thanks, Maggie! I think that might be what I need. How do I get started?
    If you explained in the blog, I’ll read it again – you know me and my
    eyes, I skip over a lot! G’moma

    • maggiestoup says:

      I updated with a link but you can go to and start making your book right from there. You don’t have to use instagram either! You can import photos from your phone, computer, facebook, or instagram!

  2. Amanda says:

    This cold, rainy day has been the perfect time for me to organize some pictures for my FIRST chatbook! Also, that IG account just for chatbooks was a lightbulb moment in my brain! I’m setting that up right now! Thanks for all the ideas!!

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